Top 10 Best Staplers for Upholstery in 2022 Reviews

Furniture can get a whole new look and feel by simply reupholstering it. This can save you lots of money while still providing a much-needed upgrade. Whether big or small, you need the proper tools to get the job done right. You want it to last. You want it to be able to stand being used and abused. One of the post important tools is a stapler for upholstery. This list provides the reviews of the top 10 staplers for upholstery in 2022.

10. Makita XS01Z 18V LXT Crown Stapler

10. Makita XS01Z 18V LXT Crown Stapler

Makita makes this easy to use stapler. It features a depth control setting with a simple knob to adjust. This is perfect for allowing you to work with a variety of materials. It is more of a compact tool, not bulky. A nice padded handle lends comfort and stability while using. With the battery attached, it weighs just under 5 1/2 pounds. There’s a handy window which allows you to see how many staples are left.

The lithium ion battery it takes provides reliable power staple after staple. It uses 3/8″ crown staples. You’ll notice smooth staple loading and feeding into the aluminum magazine. You’ll be able to complete the job with ease. A quality tool to provide accurate and dependable stapling.

9. Makita AT638A 1/4″ Narrow Crown Stapler, 18 Gauge

9. Makita AT638A 1/4

Another dependable Makita stapler, this time with a few more unique features. First, this model has a built-in air duster that will provide air flow to clear the work surface. Great for getting a good eye on exactly where you’re stapling. Second, this stapler has two modes so you have the choice of sequential or contact stapling. Just a simple switch for that.

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Another great feature is the multi-directional exhaust port, which disperses it away from the user. Some will find this model provides greater versatility as it takes staples sized from 1/2″ to 1 1/2.” It also has a window to see how many staples are left. This one is lighter as it has no battery. It’s less than 3 pounds. Great size for smaller jobs, but powerful enough for larger ones.

8. Dongya 7116L Pneumatic Upholstery Stapler with 10,000 PCS Staples, 22 Gauge 1/4” to 5/8” Length, 3/8” Crown Long Nose Staple Gun, Air Power Fine Wire Stapler for Upholstering & Furniture

8. Dewalt DWFP1838R 18-Gauge 1/4

Dewalt is a fairly well-known name in hand tools. This one provides sequential or contact operation options. It allows for precise countersinking with ease. It has that nice rear exhaust port as well. This one is a bit on the heavier size at just over 6 pounds, and does not run on a battery. It has enough power for big jobs, making it a great choice if you’ve got a lot of work ahead of you.

This stapler’s design is easy to load. Provides reliable, rugged performance. A good choice for a variety of upholstering projects, especially when using thicker materials.

7. Frasco F1B 7C-16 Fine Wire Stapler

7. Frasco F1B 7C-16 Fine Wire Stapler

Frasco makes this stapler which uses 1/4″ to 5/8″ staples. This is great for versatility. It features a very nice rubber grip to make it comfortable to hold and easier to use. This also helps reduce vibration and fatigue for longer jobs.

This is a great upholstery stapler if you plan to use a variety of fabrics or have different types of furniture you’re going to work with. It’s also lighter weight at less than 3 pounds. It is a no battery, air-powered stapler. It may be lightweight, but the steel it’s made from is strong and it feels sturdy.

6. BeA 71/16-436LN Fine Wire 22-Guage Stapler with Long Nose for 71 Series and 3/8″ Crown

6. BeA 71/16-436LN Fine Wire 22-Guage Stapler with Long Nose for 71 Series and 3/8

This German-made stapler combines reliability with power in this air-powered stapler. Another great light-weight option coming in at just over 2.5 pounds. Stainless steel frame gives it durability. Has a nice, smooth operation that’s easy to learn, even for beginners.

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A top feature of this stapler is its longer nozzle. That helps it fit into tight spaces easier and reduces the chance of damage. It uses a variety of staples.

5. EWORK Electric Staple Gun/Nail Gun Kit for DIY Project and Upholstery, 120V Corded Electric Stapler with Triple Safety Protection, Staple Remover, 400 Pcs 5/8” Brad Nails and 600 Pcs 3/8” Staples.

5. Maestri ME 80 - Heavy Duty Electric Upholstery Stapler

Now we bring out the big guns. For those needing something heavy duty, look no further than is one from Maestri. Smoothly drives staples into even the hardest wood. Being corded electric, it provides endless power. No worry of battery running out or air compressor conking out on your mid-job. Features that nice adjustable air exhaust like some of the others.

If you want speed and power, this one has both. It doesn’t sacrifice comfort though. It was designed to remain even-weighted and comfortable as it’s used. Easy to load the variety of staples it uses. While this stapler looks and performs more like a professional-grade product, it’s great for the do-it-yourself person just the same!

4. BeA 71/16-421 Fine Wire 22-Guage Stapler for 71 Series or Senco C Style Staples

4. BeA 71/16-421 Fine Wire 22-Guage Stapler for 71 Series or Senco C Style Staples

Similar to the previous BeA stapler, this German model doesn’t have the long nose as the previously mentioned one. Its small size give precision and ease of use. It doesn’t compromise quality, still gives smooth operation with versatility in the staples it uses. Has optimal jam-free performance, even when you pull the trigger as fast as you can.

This is an air-tool weighing just over 2.5 pounds. It has a comfortable design that is smaller than many other staplers. Perfect tool for smaller jobs, but powerful enough to handle larger ones.

3. Arrow PT50 Oil-Free Pneumatic Staple Gun, Professional Heavy-Duty Stapler for Wood, Upholstery, Carpet, Wire Fencing, Fits 1/4”, 5/16”, 3/8″, 1/2″, 9/16” Staples

3. Porter-Cable US58 1/4

This is an economical choice all around. It is small and lightweight, but has durability to last. You’ll get quality performance with a very easy to use and comfortable to hold tool. On par with most others at just over 2.5 pounds, and is air-powered. Has a bottom-loading magazine holding 185 staples at a time. Doesn’t require a ton of force on the trigger.

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A great feature of this stapler is the 1-inch nose extension. When you need it, it’s there. When you don’t need it, it isn’t in your way. Perfect for jobs with just a few hard to reach spots. This stapler is a great choice for what it offers.

2. Spot Nails PS7116 Upholstery Stapler for 22-Gauge 3/8-Inch Crown Staples, 1/8 – 9/16-Inch

2. PREX 71AF 22 Guage 5/8

Is that “Auto Fire” in the title of this stapler? Yes, it is! In fact, this one gives you choices in your automatic firing speeds. Choose from single fire up to 18 staples per second! Just the turn of a simple dial give you lots of choices.

The powerful motor inside this stapler doesn’t make it too bulky. It is still compact with a slim design and just under 3 pounds. It’s air-powered. Has quick air recycling time to keep you going at the speed you need. This one is a top performer if you want to quickly power through your projects.

1. Dewalt DCN681D1 20V 18 Gauge Stapler

1. Dewalt DCN681D1 20V 18 Gauge Stapler

Here is a great battery-powered stapler option. Dewalt designed this stapler for convenience and performance. You get a powerful 20-volt battery for long, powerful run-time. Choose between sequential or contact modes using the selectable trigger. Gives you that desirable depth adjustment so you can get nice, precise countersinks.

A very cool perk on this stapler is the LED light that shines where you’re working. Greatly increases accuracy and ease of use. It has a bottom-load magazine that is easy to load. It is one of the heavier options at 6 pounds, but you have to expect that with a nice, powerful battery.

Of course, there are many more options for upholstery staplers on the market. Finding the right one for you depends highly on what types of jobs you’ll perform, and the volume. For some, comfort and a smaller design may make more sense. For others, a quick-firing, long-lasting powerful tool is in order. Once you’ve evaluated your personal needs, you’ll greatly narrow down your choices to find the perfect upholstery stapler for your projects.

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